Introducing Team Clones!!! Amy Richard Lisa & Chris

We are called Team Clones because it’s a combination of both our last names.  They came up with it and it’s so catchy!!  So a little back story on me.  I was matched shortly after the twins were born to a great lady named Carrie.  I couldn’t transfer until the girls were one anyway so we had a long time to go.  It didn’t work out and she moved on to a wonderful surro named Cheryl!!  It’s a wonderful match for them and I wish them all the success in the world!!!  Anywhoo, I was a little bummed because it was getting close to the year mark and I still wasn’t matched.  This is where Wendy comes in.  She is the GREATEST SURRO MATCHER OF ALL TIME!!!  She has matched me with all of my couples despite my personal looking because I’m not patient 🙂  Well a few months back she said hey are you still available and I said yes and she said she had the perfect couple for me!!  Now here’s back story on Amy and Richard.  They needed a surro and was working with a family member  but it didn’t work out.  They met Wendy due to the counseling that needed to be done prior to transfer and she said if you ever needed another surro let me know.  Well unfortunately they did and she called up Wendy and said by the way we know it’s going to take a while but we are in need of a surro again.  She said oh I have the perfect person for you!!  We she did and that person is me 🙂 

Chris and I met them a few weeks after we started talking on the phone and decided we really liked each other!!  They drove in from a weekend in San Antonio and brought us some wonderful pastries from a little town called West I think and it was so sweet.  We really really enjoyed dinner with them and left after a few hrs.  On our way home they called us and we were all on speaker when they said “will you be our surrogate mommy and daddy”!!!  Oh wow that was so awesome!!  Now my personal belief on surrogacy is that it can be a beautiful wonderful journey and that there can be a closeness found with people that can be magical and a bond that can last forever.  Amy and Richard feel the same way and have totally embraced all the wonderful things that this situation can offer!!! 

We are thrilled beyond belief and my family can’t wait to meet them.  We are actually set up for a family meet and greet in July at the horse track which I’ve never been to.  They are going to have a horse race named after us and we will get to take a picture with the winning horse of that race!!  Isn’t that soooo neat!!!!  

They are so thoughtful and it touches and blesses me that every fiber of their being is in this and that includes me and my family in their fibers. 

So we are going to transfer on July 23rd and so far everything is going very well!!  I hope Amy and Richard will chime in and post a little something. 

Love to all Lisa