Finally our Transfer!!!

Well it was a wonderful Thursday evening and I was soooooo anxious that I didn’t sleep the night before.  Richard and Amy go to the house about 8:30pm and we showed them around a  bit introducing them to the chickens and ducks.  Took a long time saying good-bye to Chris.  You’d think we’re newlyweds or something lol. 

We got to the hotel to settle in and they had us down for a smoking room.  Well that’s not going to work so they put us up in a 2 story suite and it we could have stayed in it the whole time but the rooms were upstairs and it wasn’t as conducive for all of us to hang out together all day so we changed to a new dual suite the next day.  That 2 story suite was sooooo cool!!  We were like a bunch of kids taking pictures and just oohing and ahhing over everything.  Here are some pics.

As fantastic as that suite was I am really glad that we got the ones we ended up staying in the rest of the time.  Ok so now off to the transfer.  We got up and ready and left at about 10am then went to the metro diner for breakfast and to the Dr. We were a little early but that’s ok.  I had this wonderful guy draw my blood which can be very challenging to some and he got it on the 1st try!!!  They took us back and I got in a gown and booties but I brought my own hat so I put it on as my hair wouldn’t stay in the regular elastic cap.  Matching bracelets that Amy made-check, Bladder full-check, relaxed-check, mom and dad present-check, babies ready to be dropped off at the pool-check.  I was laying on the gurney and they wheeled me into the transfer room where they let Amy and Richard look at the babies in the microscope.  Soooo cool!!!  Amy stayed with me and held my hand and then Dr. did what he does best and dropped the babies off at the baby sitter for the next 9 months!!  Our transfer went wonderfully. 

I had to lay on the bed for an hour before we could go so after that and all our instructions we were back at the hotel.  It’s neat because it feels like a very important mission and I have a very important package!!  Like top-secret or covert or something spy like.  We got back to the hotel and we have been here ever since doing a great job at resting!!  Amy and Richard have been soooooooooo good to me!!!  I couldn’t have had this rest with out them.  The food is wonderful and the entertainment is fun and the company is precious.  We pray for the babies every time we pray to eat!!  So we are here for the long long long wait until the 3rd when I get a pregnancy test from the dr.  Of course we will post about it and every one will be in the loop!!! 

Take care every one and thanks so much for all the well wishes and prayers.  Stick little baby stick!!!

Here are some pics.  Love Lisa



Off to the races!!

We had a wonderful time at the races!!!  It was sooooooo hot but totally worth it!!  We really enjoyed meeting Amy and Richard’s family and friends!!  We had a race named after us, race #4 and some bet on that race and won!!!!  It was really so much fun and the beginning to a wonderful journey!!! 

Here are some pics to enjoy