Beta day.

Well today was beta day and it’s negative.  😦  It’s really sad!!  We worked so hard and wished and prayed so much but it didn’t work. 

So we’ll shed a few tears and take a few deep breaths and then move on!!!

Here’s great news our Dr. said he of course wanted me to stop all meds and then call them when I start my cycle which should be in a few days to a week which is awesome because I thought he may want me to cycle and then have another period so I’m so excited that we don’t have to wait as long!!  He also suggested to Amy and Richard that we do a fresh cycle which has a better success rate than frozen so that’s doubly good news because they agreed!!!!

So we are keeping our heads up and continuing on this journey towards Amy and Richards parenting!!  We can consider this first round a dry run to work all the kinks out 🙂

On to future baby making and great embryos!!!  Love you both Amy and Richard!!!