Greetings from operation bedrest!!

Good morning everyone,

We transferred yesterday and it went just fine.  Richard couldn’t make it up yet at he is feeling under the weather and didn’t want to risk us getting sick.  I know he plans to be here as soon as he can.  We did have him on speaker when we were at the transfer so he could talk to the Dr and the embryologist so he was there in spirt.  Amy, Aunt Connie, and Brenda (Amy’s mom) were all there.  We got to see the embryos in the microscope before transfer and they look like they and an nice thick uterus to move into for 9 months.  🙂  The embryos were much better than last time but not as great as we would have liked.  They put 2 viable ones in that have a chance to create a pregnancy and they put 3 others in that don’t have a chance but can help the other 2.   A little teaching here for those who are not familiar, each cell has information of becoming a baby and when the group of cells are not forming together to make a successful embryo but still have some single cell growth the good cells can support the ones that have a chance by signaling to the uterus that there is a pregnancy that needs to be maintained.  So like I was stating before, the 3 that wouldn’t make it are helping the 2 that might.   Any questions can be answered after class lol.

My cervix was closed very tightly which is normally a good thing but when you need to put in a catheter to put in embryos it’s not so good.  So that was a little challenging but it finally went well and we are now on bedrest until Saturday. 

Amy and her mom are taking great care of me and I was telling my mom that I felt kind of guilty because I don’t feel bad or sick but I must have everything done for me.  Now don’t get me wrong I LOVE to be pampered and they are doing a FANTASTIC job of it!!!! 

We get labs done again on Saturday to test my estrogen and progesterone which by the way has been great and didn’t need increasing at all.  We do the beta pregnancy blood test on the 7th so that will be the big day.  Of course I will be taking pregnancy tests starting Sunday up to that day and hopefully we’ll see something show up!!!!

Later Brenda will braid my hair so it won’t be a rats nest from being in bed all these days and I’ll make sure to not get bedsores lol.  Oh and Chris my husband is going to come visit on thursday and might spend the night so I’m super excited!!!!!!  My mom is going to come visit on Friday as well. 

Au revoir for now and I will be thoroughly enjoying my stay and this wonderful hotel with Amy, Richard, and her Mom until Saturday praying daily that these sweet babies are strong enough to stick around.


Hello, everyone!

This is Amy. We’ve had a rather eventful few days. Richard has not been able to come up at all and he has to have a test done on Friday. So, Lisa’s wonderful family is stepping in to allow my mom and I to go home to be with Richard. Thank you, Surro Family!

Also, thank you to Lisa! She gave Mom and me some green sockies to match hers on the day of the transfer. We’ve all been wearing them and they’re so cute!!! We even took several pictures of our feet which I’ll post later! She also got me a cute little get well card.

While I’m thanking people, thanks to Mom for coming with me and Dad for giving her up temporarily! 🙂

Well, I guess I’ll call that enough for one day and hand the computer over to Mom!


Hello all!!  Potential grandmother Mooring here (still can’t decide on a name). AKA Brenda.

Good grief!  We almost forgot to give Lisa her evening shot.  Hold for a minute while we take care of business.  


We are praying for these little bitty babes so hard.  And Lisa is doing her best to take such good care of them and give them a wonderful place to get started and grow.  Thank you, Lisa, you are a special person to do this for us.  Also, I love my socks.   Thank you, extended surro family for sharing her with us.

It has been such a neat experience to be involved with this process in a much more intimate way this time.   I am just sorry that Richard has been unable to be here in person.   But he is here in spirit anyway.

More as we get the test results in a few days.


Ready for round 2!!

So as all of you know we weren’t successful with our 1st transfer.  Right away the we were all planing for round 2!!  So here is an update on that.  Amy has been through so much taking all the meds to help her eggs grow and those meds make her feel bad besides having to drive to Dallas almost every other day for monitoring!! 

Boy was it all worth it though because on Thursday they retrieved 5 really good eggs and 3 so so ones!!  It was a wonderful report.  The next day we got a call that only 6 were mature but they all fertilized!!  Whoo hoooooooooooooooooo.  They also said that they look so good that they will grow them out to 5 days which statistically give them a better chance of pregnancy. 

That was really great news since we didn’t have such great looking ones last time and they only grew them out for 3 days.  They also decided to thaw the 11 frozen embryos and see how they grow out so we can transfer the best!!! 

Amy and Richard got the final call this morning that says 2 of the embryos look great with no fragmentation and 4 of them have a little fragmentation but it’s under 10% so they don’t even really consider it fragmentation at all.  The others all have fragmentation above that percentage.  So we are still on for a 5 day transfer!!!!  I reminded Amy that when I got preggo with the twins it was only 2 embryos that survived and they were great looking ones at that and those little embies will be 2 yrs old in July. 

I’m feeling really positive about this cycle!!!!!!!!!  Lots of prayers and well wishes everyone!!!    We are set for a Tuesday transfer about noon!!!!

Love to all