Final beta back

Hello everyone,

We have had a total rollercoaster the last few weeks!!!  We transferred late developing embryos and wanted to give them the best chance.  So when I saw what might be implantation bleeding on Wednesday I thought if we did a beta on Thursday it would be negative since there wouldn’t be enough time to have HCG in my system.  We did the beta on Thursday and it was negative but we decided to continue on with the shots through the weekend to give them every possible chance.  We tested again today and it’s negative again.  Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

It is such a disappointment for all.  There is so much put in to this whole process and it is just such a hard thing when it’s negative. 

Don’t worry about us though we are fine and are looking forward to moving on!!!

Now for the new plan!!  Amy and Richard are going to be looking for an egg donor and we will be back on the road to being pregnant with a fresh start!!! 

I’m excited to have a new plan although it will take several months to get things on a new track to cycling.  That is fine.  Amy and Richard are so committed to this and I know that it will only take as long as needed.  In the mean time we have plenty to occupy our time and it will give my body a chance to get back to normal and hopefully time to lose some weight ha ha ha.

So we are saying we’ll keep you all informed of any new news and for all who will please pray that God will line everything up for favor in the perfect egg donor that he has set aside for this family and our adventure!!!


Lisa, Amy, and Richard