Our beta

Well this didn’t turn out as we hoped.  the long wait was torture and it ended so terribly.  Ugh!!  It’s just so frustrating.  This was supposed to work!!!  The RE called and said there was really no reason.  He was going to go back over every thing to see if there are any changes that need to be made although he really didn’t see that anything should change.  Well we had a 60% chance of it working and a 40% that it wouldn’t even if everything was perfect.  We are going to try again with the frozen embryos soon. 

Please continue your prayers especially for Amy and Richard!!  This is a very difficult time for all of us.


This post is for all my fellow food lovers.

I want to document the wonderful food I am getting the pleasure of experiencing so I won’t forget it.  I am such a foodie!!!

Lunch: The 1st meal was lunch prior to the transfer where I went to a local cafe and had a fantastic sandwich!!  It was grilled marinated chicken with fresh spinach, tomatoes, cream cheese, and apricot Habanero sauce on a grilled Panini style.  It was so yummy and it was served in a metal Iron Man lunch box with a small red apple and veggie chips.  It was served so cute!!!  That was really one of the best sandwiches I’ve had. 

Most of the rest of the meals will be room service.  Side note; we weren’t very impressed with room service food for dinner so Richard will be going out for lunch and dinner but their breakfasts were great so we’ll have those in 🙂

Dinner: Grilled cheese, Heirloom tomatoes and bacon sandwich with parmesan truffle oil fries and a wonderful salad with candied pecans, blue cheese, and a white creamy vinaigrette.  We also had complimentary butter crust pecan tarts with really yummy iced tea because we are celebrating a special occasion!!

Breakfast: I had my usual cup of tea with half & half.  It was a peach oolong tea that is so wonderful.  Then I had steel-cut oats with sliced strawberries and bananas, a touch of Vermont maple syrup , brown sugar, and steamed milk and my brown cow yogurt.

Lunch: From Bread winners was grilled marinated chicken open faced sandwich with artichoke, basil pesto mayo, carmelized onion, and provolone cheese on a herbed tomato bread.  I also had potato leek soup.

Dinner: Cafe express was Fettichini pasta with alfredo sauce, garlic butter, grilled chicken, and mushrooms.

Breakfast: Brisket tacos with eggs, hash browns, cilantro cream, roasted tomato salsa, and guacamole.  They also had on the side really great black beans and tortilla strips.

Lunch: Coal Vines Pizza: White special pizza with ricotta, mozzarella, garlic sauce, basil, and tomatoes.  We also had a regular pizza with olives, pepperoni, and mushrooms. 

Dinner: Texas Land and Cattle: 80z filet with mushrooms, creamed spinach, and side salad with homemade ranch.  Awesome Sourdough bread too.

Breakfast: Two eggs over easy, hash browns, crispy bacon, croissant, sourdough toast, cinnamon raisin bread, blueberry muffin, and raspberry Danish.  Just so you know I didn’t eat all of everything for breakfast!!

I really won’t go into what I’ve had since I’ve been home because it’s not nearly as gourmet as this!!  But I do eat well.  Seems like I’ve missed some days but when your laying around in bed they kind of run together. 

Thanks Amy and Richard for a few days of “The Good Life”  It’s nice to visit.

Third times a charm! Story of our transfer.

Sorry we’ve been MIA.  Life has been busy for everyone!! 

Just for a recap:  We did 2 transfers already and they were with Amy’s eggs that just weren’t great quality (no offence Amy~ your awesome!) and they both failed.  So they got an egg donor and retrieved 15 eggs last week.  Out of the 15 only 12 were mature.  Richard did his job of pollinating and did a super job because all 12 fertilized!!  I called him the Super Pollinator with a cheesy Arnold Swarzengar accent 🙂

So out of the 12 fertile on day three 10 of them looked wonderful and one was a few cells behind with a potential to catch up and one didn’t do anything.  Well today they are supposed to be blastocysts at day 5.  There are 3 stages to a blast~ early, regular, and expanded (which is right before the hatching stage) so they stage them 4, 5, and 6 with 5 and 6 being barely hatching and really hatching (both of those don’t usually happen at this stage).  You also grade them A, B, C, D for the cells with A being the best.  Our little babies were graded as 4AA which is the best they can be for this stage!!!  The two letter are one letter for the inside cells (the baby) and the cells moving to the edge of the circle to be the placenta. 

So today we transferred them in to my wonderful fluffy lining where they are now hopefully snuggling in!!  

We are resting and the best Hotel we’ve stayed at in our adventure so far.  Well since it will work it only stands to reason!! 

The 1st place we stayed was the Crescent which was wonderful and so nice!!  The 2nd one we stayed at was the Anatole which wasn’t so friendly and we had a lot of issues with so they get a boo.  This last one we are in now is the Mansion on Turtle Creek all of them being in Dallas and this one is far and beyond the best one!!!!  They brought Buddy their dog with them and  a little while after we came back from the transfer they brought up a monogrammed throw for the dog that was wrapped up with a few dog treats attached.  Wasn’t that soooooooo cute!!!  This is really a wonderful place. 

So it’s off for resting.  We will post an update in a few weeks!!!