Our OB appt at 16w

Sorry it’s been forever since I’ve updated but I’ve been busy and then sick.

Every thing went great with the appt.  I lost the pound I gained the last month so for this pregnancy there has been zero weight gain!!  I am happy about that since I am fluffy to start with it is ok if I don’t gain any weight and as long the baby is growing and by the look of my belly he/she is!!  We got to hear the heart beat on the doppler but I didn’t get a clear recording for Amy and Richard to send but it was neat.  Also the OB was searching with the wand way to low on my abdomen and I told her that he/she was up more.  Well sure enough she found the heart beat and since my belly is sticking out a lot for this early in the pregnancy I would say my uterus is a little larger after the twins 🙂  My blood pressure was great which has never been a concern in any pregnancy.

We go back Dec 1st for our 20w anatomy sono and we are not finding out the sex of the baby.  It will be a surprise until he/she pops out.  So if I refer to the baby as he or she in our blog it’s not because I know, it’s because I don’t like to call the baby it.

I had a great weekend for my 16yr anniversary!!  We went away for the weekend and had an awesome time relaxing and being alone!!  I did end up getting sick on Sunday with a sinus infection but thanks to my great OB for letting me have a z-pak when I was at my last visit because I thought I was going to get one.  That was a life saver.  I am a lot better and just have a little congestion.  I am excited about Thanksgiving next week and feel very thankful for many many things!!  My nieces wedding is next Saturday so we are going to be gone for the whole weekend but it will be fun.  My son is out of school for the week and will be doing chores How Fun For Him!!  So glad he’s old enough to clean half way decent.  We are going to go Thanksgiving food shopping tomorrow and Taylor is going to church with us and help get groceries so that will be very nice.  I really can’t believe this month has flown by and tomorrow we will be 1/2 way done because the OB is taking me 1w early due to a repeat c-sec.  We turn on Sundays so I don’t know if that will be 38w almost 39 or 39w almost 40 but I’m going to try to get it on  Friday April 6th.  Of course it will be up to her and my body on how close she thinks we are to labor.  Oh my dad and I went on a daddy daughter dinner date on Friday which was a lot of fun!!  The older we both get the more enjoyable he is to be with.  It’s nice because we didn’t really have a great relationship.  So here’s some pics.  There is my 17w belly, Chris and I on our Anniversary, my kitty Gizzy, one of Taylor’s senior pictures, and my dad and I.

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