29w I guess it’s about time for an update :)

Sorry it’s been a long time since I’ve updated.  Life’s been busy and we’ve had the holidays.  Things have been going well on the baby front.  We are now 29w and moving right along.  Our c-section date is 4-10-12.  All the physical stuff is looking good.  They baby is measuring a bit large though.  I got a growth scan from my sono tech at work a few weeks ago and the baby is measuring a little over 2w ahead.  We aren’t going to change dates since we know the exact date of conception but that means that this little Clay will most likely be a big Clay 🙂  The OB says she isn’t concerned that it would put me into early labor.  I’ve had some bronchitis that I’ve been trying to shake and it’s making me super tired!!  I had a few days off this week to rest.  I do feel better but they say the congestion is the last thing to go and boy they are right.  This little one is moving like crazy and sometimes I think the baby is going to pop right out the middle there’s so much action.  One night when I was sick I was up till 3:30a and video a little for Amy.  She was like wow!!!  Not too much longer now.  Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.