Baby shower, 37w, and OB appts

Chris and I went to a baby shower with Richard and Amy in their town and it was so wonderful!!!  Her friends are so nice and we had wonderful conversation with them.  They were secretly watching me and the belly and their friends and family think it’s a girl.  We will see in a few short weeks.  I know the gender is still unknown.

I’m so sorry I’ve not been writing very regularly.  We are very pregnant and I’m so ready!!  It’s always hard at the end because (whining warning) I can’t sleep, my hands get numb and hurt when I sleeping that keeps me up, having to roll over from side to side constantly all night long, having to get up to pee at night, the baby’s moved down so I feel pelvic pressure when I walk, and my hips just hurt a lot.  So as you can read that I’m not getting a lot of sleep or am able to be comfortable during the day too.  I usually have contractions at night but they don’t amount too much after a few hrs so I just go to bed.  Ugh!!  Ok whine over 🙂

The OB said at our last visit we were 37w and my belly measured 39w.  The baby has been doing to rocking thing the last few months but I didn’t know what it was.  Baby was rocking at our visit yesterday and I asked our OB what it was.  She said it was the baby practicing breathing.  So cool!!!!  Now when I feel baby breathing like that I put my hand on my belly and imagine it being on baby’s back.  Just really really neat!!  My weight, blood pressure, and ankle swelling is doing great.  Ob say’s she wouldn’t be surprised if we went early because baby is on the big side and it’s my 5th pregnancy one being twins.

My husband got layed off on a thursday and got a new job on Monday which is super but now he’s working out-of-town 2hrs away and won’t be home until Friday night.  My OB is going to be out-of-town Thursday to Sunday so she said don’t deliver!!  My sister will take me if I go in labor early and then my husband will meet me at the hospital.

I’m so excited for the baby to come for the parents!!  I was just thinking about all the neat stuff they get to experience.  What a wonderful journey and a huge blessing!!  Thank you Lord for my IP’s and their family!!!

So I go the dr again next Tuesday 4-3-12.  I’ll update then for sure of we might be having birth announcement.  You never know!!


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