OB appt today 38w

Hi all!!  Well I saw the OB today and since I had twins last time this little baby has plenty of room!!  So needless to say the baby doesn’t have to stay snugg in the pelvis so there isn’t any changes.  Of course we already have the c-section scheduled for next Tues at noon but I’m just impatient and want something to happen now.  So as far as the appointment went every thing checked out well!!  Baby is super happy and she says that she still thinks the baby is pretty big.  Well since I was carrying around almost 12lbs of baby and then all the other stuff that goes with it like 2 sacs, 2 sets of water, 2 placenta ect this little one must have a ton of room!!

Here is our 38w picture.  Our next post will be the birth story!!!!!